PowerPoints, Excel sheets, leadership monologues; These styles of corporate meeting structure can turn off employee engagement. Creating a motivating and stimulating environment in your organization brings life to your team so they can do their best work. Creative Solutions Group is teamed up with The Aveea Partners to help you focus on engaging your staff, tapping into their creativity and ingenuity, and create alignment with your organization's vision. Our training and development solution adapts to your unique culture, is immediately applicable, and prepares people to achieve your strategic objectives.

Creative Solutions Group offers multiple approaches for training to fit your needs:

  • Join us for our public courses - This is a cost effective and great alternative for individuals or groups to learn from one of our Master Facilitators.
  • Engage one of our Master Facilitator - This is most useful for urgent situations. Risk is high, emotions run deep, and change is needed. A Master Facilitator will work with you one-on-one to provide insight and feedback on any topic or situation to help advance the team's goals.
  •  Book a virtual Aveea experience - This is best if you have an important meeting, presentation, or other event that is critical to your organization's success that you need help with. Our virtual expert can facilitate a space for 'real' conversations, involve and engage participants, incorporate active learning techniques, manage virtual disruptive behavior, enable people to grow, and help your team make decision and take action.
  • Train your own facilitators - This option is for when you want to develop your team's internal talent. This matters most when reducing costs is important, you want to have a team of leaders that have intimate knowledge of the company's history, culture and people, you want to have a deep understanding of the issue being discussed, and you want to level-up your organization.
  • Self-paced eLearning - Purchase learning courses for you and your team to work through on your own time. BecomeMore Institute has nearly 500 e-learning courses to help you level up your team. This training also has the option to work with a Master Facilitator, either through one-on-one feedback sessions or classroom-style sessions, to help you work through the online courses.

Upcoming Public Training

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