Technology Optimization

Technology can make us crazy. We focus on understanding what technology you have, what you need and marry them up so your technology actually works.
We can do a full review of your technology, create custom programs, configure your SharePoint, run projects, build Agile into your team,  review your ERP, aid in selecting your next software solution and much more!

Technology Partners


Core Offerings


Efficiently manage your team's workload and many other functions with Asana. Creative Solutions Group can help build, implement and manage your workflow management software to avoid workload discrepancies and project management issues. Learn more here.

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is an all-in-one solution for web operations. From hosting to membership management and relations to payment processing and many more features, Wild Apricot helps your company access and manage all operations of your business. Learn more here.


Epignosis is a learning management platform that helps you track and manage learning programs like compliance training, customer service training, as well as the option to incorporate your own custom courses designed by you. Learn more here.


Getting all of your technology synchronized is difficult. SikTumi helps you get your technology working for you. Whether it's Asana, HubSpot, or any other software that you need help with, SikTumi handles all of your technology optimization needs. Learn more here.

What is a Technology Partner?

As a technology partner with various platforms, Creative Solutions Group is authorized to sell that company's products. Not only that, but being a partner means that you can trust our knowledge and ability in the platform. Each partner program requires us to go through a certification process that proves we know how to use, configure, and educate others on it.

Make Your Technology Work For You

Lots of teams understand how to use their technology in a way that works for them. But how much more functionality could you be underutilizing? Not using your technology to the fullest means you could be leaving money on the table. We understand that the technology you use is complex and time-consuming to fully utilize. Creative Solutions Group takes that responsibility off your hands so you can focus on what really matters. We can do an audit of the technology you're currently using and teach you how to take advantage of it's full capacity, as well as handle the configuration, project management and troubleshooting of a new technology, or we can do the research and help you pick the right technology for you based on your needs.

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