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Workplace technology can be complicated. Finding the best software to fit your needs requires a lot of research, and knowing how to get your software working at its best for you can require a full-time manager. SikTumi can help you with your software needs, as well as metric reporting and visualization on whatever data you need.

SikTumi develops a cloud-based SaaS solution customized to your team to guide you through your technology optimization. From Asana to HubSpot and many applications in between, SikTumi's team of experts are capable of helping you get your software working for you and handling data analysis and visualization so your team can handle the more important tasks. If we aren't experts in the software solution you have, our team will work together to become experts. 

SikTumi Key Features

Squirrel Tracker

Track your team's training progress through SikTumi's management systems. Let us handle your progress tracking so you can focus on your team. Not on an eLearning platform? No problem. Squirrel Tracker is custom-fit to any learning program you have.

API & Reporting

Our team of experts analyze your data and provide you useful, informative reports that you can use to keep your team on track. From data on business ops, web analytics, or any other type of data that is crucial to your team, SikTumi can help you with your analysis.

Software Configuration

SikTumi helps you with whatever software you need help with. From researching the best option for you to evaluating and optimizing your software setup, SikTumi is the expert in customizing technology to suit your needs.

Will Automation Replace Workers?

Short answer: No. The goal of automation is not to replace workers, but to have your team work with the automation and allow them to work on tasks that require more creativity. Because automation often handles tasks that were once manual tasks, technology optimization often leads to process optimization. As employees roles shift due to automation, processes and responsibilities shift, which can cause some turbulence in task-handling. 

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