Process Optimization

Process Optimization focuses on ensuring information and product flows smoothly within your organization.  We do this by understanding your process, goals and people.  From there, we optimize, refine, learn and improve process and knowledge.

Our approach is based on the proven methods of Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints integrated in our own 
The DMAIC Way®.

These tools and data are used to understand the situation, determine the cause and Make it Better! Make it Stick!

We offer a full suite of offerings including training, project selection, coaching, or an extra set of hands to lead a project.

The Process Optimization Methodology

Optimizing a business requires a lot of knowledge and experience. What works for one organization might not work for another. Because of this nuance, Creative Solutions Group employs a handful of strategies and tactics to help your business improve . Our team is trained in many methods of optimization, which means we can apply just one methodology to your organization to focus on certain aspects of your business, or use a blend of many methodologies for a well-rounded approach. To us, a methodology is a framework to use for innovation and improvement rather than a set of rules to follow.  We want to enable you to create the culture you want for your organization.


No waste, maximize efficiency: That's the Lean Methodology. The Lean approach relies on creating a better workflow on minimal time, effort, and cost. This is a customer-focused approach that focuses on understanding the customer and delivering value in the most efficient way possible. Because of the focus on efficiency, this approach allows companies to stay flexible in the ever-changing consumer environment.


Six Sigma methodology aims at continuous improvement within an organization. Offering tools and techniques to identify the root cause of issues, reduce errors in processes, and eliminate defects, Six Sigma allows companies to hone in on what customers need and how to provide it. Fueled by data-driven research, Six Sigma is a powerful method of making your business effective and profitable.


Lean Six Sigma is a blend of the two methods mentioned above. A data-driven philosophy of improvement, Lean Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation, waste, and cycle time while also aiming to improve and standardize workflows and preventing problems before they can arise. Lean Six Sigma takes the best of both worlds and combines them into an effective practice that helps businesses provide their customers the best product possible.

The DMAIC Way®

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control

The DMAIC Way® allows you to assess what is important, how you are doing, and how you can improve on it.  This integrated approach based on Lean Six Sigma methodology, The DMAIC Way® focuses on improving existing processes/products, designing new processes/products, reducing variation and problem solving.  Our goal is to Make it Better! Make it Stick!

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The DMAIC Way® Award

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Core Offerings

Creative Solutions Group offers training and education in each of the methodologies that we practice. From Six Sigma White Belt to Black Belt, Creative Solutions Group can train your team to handle your projects at every step of the process. 

Six Sigma Belt Certifications

Creative Solutions Group provides training for Six Sigma belt certifications for groups and individuals including white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt, and master black belt, as well as courses on facilitating belt teams. Learn more about the Six Sigma belt system here.

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Management Systems & Certifications

Professional certification courses are available for a range of industries including ISO9001, ISO14000, AIAG16949 and more.

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