The Predictive Index

As leaders and individuals, we strive to use data to drive decisions, understand situations better with the goal of boosting alignment and overall results.

Take a good, hard look at your company. Is it performing at its absolute best? If you’re like most leaders, you struggle to overcome common business challenges like turnover, disengaged employees, team conflict, or bad hires (the list goes on and on).

If you want to impact your organization - using data, Talent Optimization using Predictive Index is the answer.  The Predictive Index has been in use for over 60 years and is implemented by 8,500+ organizations like Nissan and Subway - which means you can trust the results.

Predictive Index and Talent Optimization

Not all companies have their strategies aligned with the steps required to get the results they are aiming at. Talent Optimization is a science-driven practice based on utilizing your team's talents to maximize the results of your strategy.

Talent Optimization relies on four focal areas:

  1. Design - Create your team and teamwork tactics to align with your strategy.
  2. Hire - Hire the right people for the tasks needed to achieve the results and strategy you want.
  3. Inspire - Facilitating great performance relies on ensuring team leaders are connecting with their team members.
  4. Diagnose - Get feedback on how willing your team is to go the 'extra mile.'

Creative Solutions Group is a certified partner and consultant for Talent Optimization. We offer exclusive software that gives you access to the tools that help you work with these frameworks to drive results for your company.


Skeptical about the data? 

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Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

The PI Behavioral Assessment is an untimed, free-choice, stimulus-response tool that is based on the Talent Optimization framework. The Behavioral Assessment is a psychometric survey that measures participants on key workplace behaviors like their drive to affect influence, their social nature, and other metrics that can give you insight on how they might behave in certain situations.

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