The Lean Methodology

The History of the Lean Methodology

Time-tested and proven by results, the Lean methodology has a recorded history that dates back almost 600 years and likely even further. First explicitly mentioned in Venice in the 1450s, Lean methodology was developed to standardize the building of Venetian ships. Standardizing the building process helped the Venetian Arsenal maximize efficiency, quality, and safety. The efficacy of this process lead to the implementation and refinement of this line of thinking around the world.

Lean Methodology in Modern Practice

Lean methodology came to be the standard practice of many factories as industrialization revolutionized business. Companies like Ford and Toyota implemented this idea with great success, forever changing their industries and eventually manufacturing as a whole. As businesses around the world began to implement Lean methodology, the structure of the mentality grew into many different styles of the original concept. The democratization of the Lean methodology has allowed for many perspectives and approaches to the idea, which has made the Lean methodology a versatile and effective modern solution to challenges in business.

Lean Core Concepts

The bottom line is simple: eliminate inefficiency and improve continuously. Lean methodology focuses on optimizing processes to deliver the best product or service. Since market desires can change quickly, Lean methodology aims to cultivate a flexible approach to providing what is asked for. 

While "eliminating waste" can sound like a harsh criteria, the open-ended interpretation of "waste" is what makes Lean such a powerful approach. Waste, in essence, means anything that is not valuable to the customer. From a business standpoint, this can mean unnecessary meetings, consistent switching of tasks, and micromanaging. The benefits of unrestrained definitions of "waste" has benefits two-fold: Customers get what they want from a product or service, and employees can work in a way that allows them to focus on the important aspects of their job.

Our Lean Methodology Approach

Our philosophy is focused on working with you to identify the core elements that drive value for your organization - and strive to make them flow smoothly. We use a logical approach that integrates the human-business model to boost buy-in at all levels of the organization. The core elements of our approach include:

  • Discovery - We work together to understand where you are, where you have been and where you want to go.
  • Design - We develop a solution that will fit YOU - your organization, your culture, your outcomes.
  • Execute - Deployment of the solution WITH you to achieve flow.
  • Assess - We look at 3 perspectives - What went well? What could have gone better? What should we adjust?
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