Epignosis Learning Management

Creative Solutions Group is partnered with Epignosis to provide teams an all-in-one learning platform. Let our team of experts help you find the learning management solution that works best for you, customize your team's courses and dashboards, and build custom courses for your needs. 

What is Epignosis?

Epignosis is a learning management platform that helps you provide and track your team's learning progress. Hosting classes ranging from compliance and code of conduct training to coaching tips and interpersonal skills training, Epignosis provides over 200 courses to help your team grow. All team members can sign up for an account through Epignosis and take courses, and account managers can keep track of the team's progress with one of the many helpful dashboards. By providing and tracking eCourse learning, Epignosis helps make eLearning accessible and affordable.

How an LMS Transforms Employee Training

Learning management systems (LMS) make it easy to develop, deliver and manage staff training programs that help your team level up. For big businesses and small, switching from classroom-based training to an LMS brings great benefits.

The Epignosis Platform

All-in-one training solution for small businesses with a built-in library of ready-made eLearning courses

Dynamic learning management platform for larger teams that need more flexibility

Epignosis Talent LMS

Talent LMS is a ready-made library of eLearning courses that can get your training programs up and running quickly and efficiently. With an intuitive interface and easy access from any device, learners can jump into their courses anytime, anywhere. Localized courses also facilitate learning for users in other languages. From onboarding training to sales training to compliance training, Talent LMS makes setting up and managing your team's learning efforts easy and efficient.

Epignosis eFront Learning

eFront Learning provides advances levels of flexibility and security to facilitate training for large numbers of employees. Engineered to support the most complex learning environments, eFront Learning helps give you full control over the customization of your learning program so you can deliver exactly what you want. Create and upload your own training content and eFront Learning hosts your courses on a private cloud or on-premise server. eFront Learning is a powerful and reliable option for those teams that have specialized courses made for the entire team.

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