Leadership Coaching

Creative Solutions Group is teamed up with Aveea Partners to design tailored coaching programs for team leaders at every level of an organization. Our approach is centered around the needs of the team, encouraging employees to think, grow, and explore ideas that will help lead their team to success. From CEOs to newly budding talent, Creative Solutions Group and Aveea Partners helps employees develop the skills necessary to excel in their positions.


Leading an organization presents a plethora of unique challenges. Creative Solutions Group and Aveea Partners Executive Coaching Program helps you navigate your leadership role, acting as your curator, educator, mentor, guide, confidante, and intellectual challenger. We focus on creating a safe place for C-suite leaders to think, grow, and have fruitful conversations about how to best lead the organization they have. CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and every role in between can find something to gain from Executive Coaching.