The DMAIC Way® Award

Award Criteria

The DMAIC Way® Award

Have you led or been on a team that did amazing things?

Do you use a process improvement methodology that you are proud of?

Submit for The DMAIC Way® Award

This award looks at 5 areas - Alignment to the business, focus selection, process used, talent integration and outcomes. Check out the criteria below and submit here by November 2nd for consideration to be a 2021 award recipient announced at our upcoming Become More Conference. 

How does the project / focus area connect with the business KPI's?

How does the project / focus area connect with the strategic plan? 

How does the project / focus area make a difference to your customers?

How was the project / focus area selected? 

Who was involved in the selection? 

What criteria are used to prioritize? 

What improvement framework was used? 

What are the steps of the framework? 

What tools were used to go through the steps?

Who was involved in the improvement work? 

How did you select team members? 

What did the project / focus area accomplish? 

How did you validate the impact? 

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